Horace Roman Ode 2 (3.2)

The boy toughened in basic training_47646931_-12

let him learn to appreciate pinching poverty

like a friend and as a frightening knight

plague the Parthians, fierce with spear.

Let him lead his life in the open,

exposed to danger.  Prospecting high from the

other side, the mother of a warring tyrant and

the wedding-ready maiden

AK114F African Lion Roaring Animal Model

let them cry “Fuck!” fearing the royal fiancée

battle-unready may wound this lion

savage to touch, seized by bloody rage

in the middle of the killing.

Awarded for being wounded in action. Isolated with a clipping path

It’s sweet and fitting to die for your country

Death stalks even the coward steering clear

Nor spares the knees or yellow back of

Nonmilitant young men

Courage unmindful of low-down disdain

Flashes with unstained honor nor

Lifts nor lays aside the fasces at the

Whim of the prevailing winds


Courage revealing heaven for those

Who don’t deserve to die, tries a route

When the route’s denied and rejects the

crowd on the moist ground with looping wing

There is sure reward in faithful silence

I will avoid the one who blathers 287959

the secrets of Ceres.  He won’t be under the

same roof with me or launch his fragile boat

With me on board. Jupiter in negligence

often mixes in the righteous with the

sinners. But Punishment’s not lame and rarely

leaves behind the heathen with their head-start.


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